Time System

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Time System

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There are 86 400 seconds in a day, as currently calculated.

We will divide the day into two equal parts, each consisting of ten hour periods. Each hour will be 4 320 seconds long. Since there will be 60 minutes in an hour, each hour will be 72 minutes long.

What we'd really like is for there to be a new unit of time, which would allow for ten hours in a day, 100 minutes in each hour, and 100 seconds in each minute. This would require the second to be recalibrated to roughly 15% faster (100 000 seconds in a day).

Creating a time system of just ten hours in a day will completely eliminate confusion about AM and PM, 24-hour clocks, and all sorts of other problems.

Because this will mean reprogramming all computers (new and existing), we understand that this process will take time, which is why we proposed the 72-minute hour as a temporary solution.
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