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Counting System and Calendar

Posted: Sun Mar 01, 2009 12:16 am
by Randolph
On 22 May 2009 [GC, or Gregorian Calendar], we entered the Smiter Year BS 4. Traditionally, the counting system has been a simple one: day 1 of the year is .001, day 2 is .002, and so on. In the case of 22 December 2008, the date was 3.215.

To simplify matters even further, and to enjoy compatibility with existing calendars, we are going to split the 365 days into an equal number of periods, called "months". Each "month" will consist of a standard number of "days", similar to existing calendar systems in use today. I haven't thought of names for these months yet, but we're naming them after the order in which our membership shuffles off this mortal coil.

The year will still begin on the same day, namely 22 May. The counting system will use a format as follows:

BS x.y.zz, where x is the year, y is the month, and zz is the day.

There will be TEN months in a year, and not 12 as given in the Gregorian calendar.

Month 1 - 37 days (known as Ian - see post below)
Month 2 - 36 days (known as Chris - see post below)
Month 3 - 37 days
Month 4 - 36 days
Month 5 - 37 days
Month 6 - 36 days
Month 7 - 37 days
Month 8 - 36 days
Month 9 - 37 days
Month 10 - 36 / 37 days (see below)

Since the planet spins approximately 365.2425 times for one circuit around the sun, we have to make up these days every 4 years or so, which we'll call "leap" days. On the LAST day of the LAST month, if it is a leap year, we'll put the extra day there. No need to confuse everyone, right? It will by default be a holiday.

As for the length of the weeks, they will be 7 days long, to remain compatible with the current system. We might even keep the same names, but we're not obliged to.

In time I will put together a graphic for the year-view calendar. I need to come up with month and day names first.

Comments and suggestions are welcome.

Re: Counting System and Calendar

Posted: Sat May 07, 2011 11:51 pm
by Randolph
I have decided to name the months after Disciples as they stop breathing. It's as good a reason as any.

Therefore, Month One will be known as Ian.

It will run for 37 days from x.1.1 to x.1.37 (22 May to 27 June in the Gregorian calendar).

Dancing pirates are optional.