Main Objectives of the SOI

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Main Objectives of the SOI

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First Disciple Delano has outlined some objectives of the Smiters of Iniquity.

1) The world has gone wrong:
Global warming, human trafficking, US double-standards on morality, and people who talk on cellphones while driving, to name just a few of the things that are wrong with this world.

2) Humanity's place in the universe:
Since we are a part of the universe already (carbon from carbon), we are already part of the divine universe. There is no afterlife, because your time to do good and have a good life is NOW! Take what you give. If you want to be treated with respect, start respecting everyone else. There is no colour, there is no race (except for the human race). Leave a legacy now, because when you die (and go back into the ground from whence you came), the legacy is how people will remember you.

3) Quotable quotes:
- "Life itself is a lesson learnt."

- "Fortune smiles on those who wait, those who don't care about their fate."

- "Operating within the understanding of your own self is the true measure of life and how to live it. If you can be honest with yourself, there is nothing else to life except to enjoy it. If you can look into your own eyes in a mirror without blushing, the world is yours for the taking. I still blush, but every day is a little easier." (I want to call this one "Randolph 3:16".)

4) The future's not ours to see:
My religion says that what you do today will affect everyone else tomorrow. It's chaos theory in effect, applied to reality. Lower greenhouse emissions, don't litter, don't smoke, and so on. Since the earth is a LOT older than any religion, I think it's safe to say that people aren't seeing the obvious natural signs of doom. Every few thousand (million?) years, the earth literally shrugs its shoulders and gets rid of the itch. Humanity is the current itch, and we could all be wiped out if you don't follow my rules. We're a part of the universe, so we'd better start acting it. Otherwise, when our bodies break down, the earth will shun our atoms and make another pointless moon. Or something.

Beware 21 December 2012. It's going to change your life. It's also the day before my 36th birthday.

5) How many gods would you like with that?
My god is the universe. This can be represented in ANYTHING, because we're all made of atoms. In other words, you can pray to anything made up of mostly carbon. Go wild.

P.S. There are no such things as Satan, hell, demons, heaven, angels, ghosts, spirits, or anything of that ilk. "Charmed" is a nice fantasy show which has no bearing on reality. Time travel is impossible. My religion obeys the laws of physics (which include quantum mechanics). When you die, your body breaks down and the cycle of life begins again with your energy dissipating (hence the light at the end of the tunnel, and the warmth you feel, which is that light.)
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